CAVID 19 -



Forced to close tourist apartments by order SND / 2020 of March 17
We have created trust among society by offering tourist apartments provided by the owners for health personnel, police, firefighters, etc ...
The option of transferring the apartments to long-term rentals is not an adequate solution, also taking into account that the economic crisis will leave people unemployed and will not be able to pay the rent.
Reports from Hosteltur and Fevitur place us as the best option to travel past the alarm state. It is time to resurface with more force. I am convinced that after this nightmare we will be the best option to travel.
You are all small companies and any company depends, above all, on its ability to innovate and compete.
People who come to our apartments do not have to wait at receptions or share spaces with other people. They are at home, that has always been the slogan of Your Home in Alicante.
You must consider opening the apartments remotely. People will prefer not to have contact with anyone.
For this, a device must be installed on the door of the house, (those who are interested ask me)
It is time for everyone to make a great effort:
Whoever prepares their apartments with the best image will be the one who gets the most benefit. It is necessary to offer quality apartments, where the decoration is similar to that of hotels.
Take professional photographs, since what we sell is image.
It is very important to offer our clients the best disinfection of the apartments, for this:
As a company, we will do a thorough cleaning, we will buy an Ozone cannon to disinfect the homes after check out.
We will put hydrogel bottles at the entrances of the apartments.
We will offer gloves and masks for all occupants.
It is time to retain Know how or know-how, immaterial assets and human capital. We must all work together so that the human capital that has always chosen us continues to do so. During my 10 years of profession I have loyalty and it is time to remind you that we are here always offering you the best option to travel.
As some of you know, I belong to ABATUR, the association of tourist apartment entrepreneurs in Alicante.
As an association we are considering resorting to all the illegalities that the City Council commits on tourist apartments.
We must create destiny.
Let's create a country !!